​Dr. Monga and staff strive to provide outstanding care and accountability to each patient we treat. We comprehensively evaluate cases to discern the cause and extent of disorders of the colon, rectum, anus and pelvic floor. We ensure that patients fully understand their condition, what is at stake, what options exist and our recommended therapies. We deliver appropriate, individualized medical and surgical treatment to support patients’ recovery. Below are our practice specialties:

Our Services

Traditional and advanced colonoscopy including:

  • Narrow band imaging endoscopy for flat polyp and dysplasia detection

  • Ablation of radiation induced telangectasia bleeding

  • Giant polyp resection

Full spectrum of medical and surgical care for benign anorectal disorders including:

  • Acute perirectal abscess and chronic anal fistula care

  • Sphincter muscle-sparing alternative to traditional anal fissure and fistula surgery

  • Surgery for primary and recurrent pilonidal disease

Comprehensive evaluation, medical management, office treatment, and surgical care of:

  • Hemorrhoid symptoms

  • Anal warts

  • Tags

  • Hidradenitis

  • Other anorectal pathologies

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Comprehensive oncology care for all tumors of the colon, rectum, and anus
Treatment for all manifestations of diverticular disease
Anatomic and physiologic evaluation of fecal incontinence, slow transit constipation, onbstructed defecation, and pelvic floor descent

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